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KURT SHOTKO *Pennsylvania Green Party Candidate* 10th District


Kurt Shotko's Platform | 9 -11 | Latest News | 10 Key Values | Photos | How to Get Involved | Links | Who's Who in America | Calendar of Events | Contact Us | Republican Plan

Mike Morrill for Governor

Green Party of Pennsylvania

Green Party of the United States

Learn and be concerned

Project Vote Smart


Progressive Politics Network

Democracy Summer 2002

Citizen Works

Amina Lawal Petition

Links to the Issues

Worldwatch Insitute

Earth Island

American Prospect Magazine

Public Citizen

Tom Paine*Common Sense*

The Orion Society

Critical Thinking Community

Progressive & Activist sites

Campaign for America's Future


The Sierra Club

This Month's IMF/World Bank Protests

Fun Links

Peoples Music Network

Wise Fool Community Arts

Art & Revolution

The Footbag Peace Initiative

Mosaic Of Creativity

Vegan Drums

Paolo Marj Arte & Design

Various Earth Friendly Products

Lawn And Garden Signs To Peacefully Protest Pesticides

100% Organic Honey

Let us know of a link that you find interesting and we may add it to this page.