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KURT SHOTKO *Pennsylvania Green Party Candidate* 10th District


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Kurt Shotko's Platform

An important guide for the direction of our campaign.


* Fully fund Social Security by removing the cap on contributions to include all income.
* Standard deduction of $15,000 dollars for individuals filing federal income tax.
*National HMO for all workers not recieving benefits from their employer. It would provide optical, dental, and perscription coverage.
* Federal support for creating and updating sewage treatment systems. We all live downstream.
* Solar, Wind, and Biomass energy production, nor Nuclear and Oil.
* Strengthen clean air and water standards. Profits are privatized while costs [externalities] are socialized.
* Rational military spending.
* stop subsidizing multi-national conglomerates with corporate "wealth"fare.
* Improved food safety oversight.
* C-Span/State/Local government radio broadcasts to help educate voters.
* Reform campaigns by requiring all candidates to take assessments, and then mailing the scores to all voters. Instant Run Off voting [IRV], and optical scanning/paper ballot systems are also needed.
* Regional economic development that emphasizes Urban Core Renewal, Microenterprise development, and Cooperative Relationships.
* Infra-structure and human capital development. A new generation of mass transit, and more training opportunities for adults will make America strong.
* Drug Policy Reform. Industrial Hemp would help save the family farm. All alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuanna should be sold in a goverment store.

Our goal is to educate the public and encourage you to vote in the upcoming election. Your support is critical. Together we can all make a difference.

Campaign Headquarters * 103 Van Brunt St. * Moscow, PA 570-842-97267 * 18444